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The Importance of Character Education in Shaping Personality

Character education is not new in the tradition of education in Indonesia. Some modern Indonesian educators who we know like Soekarno have tried to apply the spirit of character education as a form of personality and identity of the nation that aims to make the nation of Indonesia into a nation of character.
In general, to realize character education can be done through formal education, non formal, and informal. Mutual complement and trust and regulated in laws and regulations. Formal education is carried out in stages and the education includes general, vocational, academic, professional, religious and special evocations. In the implementation of character education can be done through the level of education that is implemented in the curriculum at the level of educational unit that contains the lessons of normative, adaptive, productive, local content, and self-development  
According to Foerster, the characteristics of character education include:

1. Emphasize every action based on normative values. Proteges respect the prevailing norms,
2. Build self-confidence, so that students become a firm person of establishment and not afraid of new situations,
3. Autonomy, learners live and practice the rules from the outside to be his personal value, and
4. Persistence which means the endurance of students in realizing what is considered good and loyalty (loyalty) as the basis of respect for the chosen commitment.
Character education in schools that are implemented in self-development education, among others; through activities extracurricular activities in schools, for example OSIS leaders, Scouts, PMR, PKS, KIR, Sports, Art, Religious and others. With extracurricular activities students are expected to easily understand, this is done as part of the distribution of interest students and students as part of the distribution of interests and talents that can be developed as a manifestation of character education nation.
The role of parents, teachers and the community is very important in applying character education. This can be applied daily as part of the activities of our students or sons. Be creative, instill a sense of nationalism, religious and teach independence is expected to be able to shape the character of students. Students are introduced to how to appreciate, have a good work ethic, tough, defensive, professional, creative, courageous, and ready to face outside competition
Character education is very important because it is basic in shaping the quality character of a nation. Thus Indonesia will give birth to superior generations born from the character education system. As a person who is in the academic environment, I feel obliged to instill this. Although not only the responsibility of academics alone. Let's start applying for learners to be a great generation in every time.

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